Natural Resource and Energy Law

Coal, Oil & Gas

With southwestern Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky lying in the midst of the Illinois Basin, it is no surprise that Bowers Harrison natural resource and renewable energy attorneys advise and counsel clients who are involved in natural resource development, particularly coal, oil, natural gas and coalbed methane.

Bowers Harrison’s natural resource and renewable energy attorneys assist clients in responding to notices of requests for proposals to lease real estate for production of natural resources; in drafting and interpreting contract arrangements; and in interpreting federal, state, and local natural resource statutes and regulations. Bowers Harrison LLP’s natural resource and renewable energy attorneys collaborate with our real estate and title service attorneys to review properly title chains and title searches for potential issues surrounding natural resource rights and regularly advise clients regarding these issues while providing practical solutions.

Our natural resource and renewal energy attorneys have extensive experience in handling, defending, and resolving administrative actions against clients brought by federal and state agencies, including the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Bowers Harrison LLP’s natural resource and renewable energy attorneys also regularly represent clients through all phases of litigation involving natural resource issues including but not limited to interpretation of contractual arrangements, alleged violations of natural resource statues and regulations, and cases wherein the surface owner interferes with the operation of oil and gas wells by the oil and gas lessee.


Mark E. Miller

William R. Gearhart II