Estate Planning, Probate and Guardianship


Effective estate planning is essential if you wish to insure that your wishes are carried out after your passing so that your assets and other treasures pass quickly and efficiently to the persons and entities you select. We have years of actual hands-on experience administering estates and trusts. We have seen what does and what does not work. This allows us to tailor our estate planning advice and our documents to achieve your goals taking into account both tax and personal considerations. Our experienced attorneys are ready and able to help you create an estate plan that works.


Wrapping up the affairs of a lost loved one can be extremely difficult from both a personal and legal perspective. We have years of experience helping others through their difficult times and we can help you as well. We offer a wide range of probate and trust administrative services. If an estate is necessary, we file the necessary documents with the court and then assist you in the marshalling and valuation of assets, discovery and analysis of significant documents, preparation of inventories, preparation of estate and inheritance tax returns, and the distribution of assets. If a trust is involved, we can assist you work through essentially the same process, without any substantial court involvement. We will advise you concerning your duties should you be chosen to serve as the executor or trustee or of your rights as a beneficiary. Should disputes arise, we will work with you to resolve them informally relying on our knowledge of probate matters and the sensitivity to family dynamics we have developed over the years. Should litigation prove unavoidable, we will use our vast experience in probate and trust litigation to achieve a fair and just result for you.


Guardianships become necessary for a variety of reasons. They all involve the protection of persons unable to protect themselves. The court proceedings and paper work can be over-whelming. We understand the entire process and can guide you through it from beginning to end. Just give us a call.


Keith M. Wallace