The changes to the immigrant and nonimmigrant visa programs discussed in prior posts offer potentially huge benefits to businesses, employees, and foreign investors. However, the programs and initiatives proposed in the President’s executive actions are not yet effective, and will begin to be implemented in the near future. That being said, businesses can use this time to prepare themselves and their employees to be able to quickly benefit from the executive actions as soon as they are made available. Obviously, each business is different and has their own specific needs, concerns, and objectives in the realm of immigration.

During this time, businesses and employers should address and analyze their business’ specific needs and costs in regards to immigration issues and foreign workers. Businesses should begin by asking themselves what are their coming needs are in regards to labor and immigration. Could your business benefit from bringing in skilled foreign workers? How much is your company paying to renew visas and work authorizations for your current employees? Are you possibly employing undocumented workers? If so, can you reduce your liability by helping your undocumented workers obtain legal status? For foreign investors, do you currently qualify for a national interest waiver, and if not will you be able to qualify for parole when available? It is advisable that you discuss your situation with a skilled immigration attorney who can help you come up with a comprehensive plan to address the immigration needs specific to your business and employees to take full advantage of the upcoming initiatives.

Most importantly, your business should be proactive in educating your employees as to the availability of the upcoming programs and initiatives so that they can personally begin to take steps to determine their eligibility, and prepare themselves to take advantage of the programs as soon as they become available. The more educated and proactive your employees are in dealing with their own immigration issues, the less complications your business will face in the future. It is important to recognize that even with these executive actions the immigration process for individuals and businesses is incredibly complicated, and even the smallest errors in the process can have drastic consequences. Having an immigration attorney come to your facility and inform your employees of their immigration options in regards to the new initiatives is a great cost-effective way to begin positioning your company to take full advantage of the President’s executive actions regarding immigration.

This is the final post of a ten part series focusing on the President’s new executive actions regarding immigration. Prior posts have addressed the new executive actions’ impact on individuals and families, and on U.S. businesses and foreign investors.

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